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We are actively creating an index of different larp clubs and organisations. We call these our larp profiles. The idea is very simple. Each page is a profile of a larp club, group or company. It’s a simple way of finding out a little bit more about what kind of larps are being organised.

If you are interested in adding the group you play in; then just fill in the form on this link. Please get permission from the larps creator/organiser first.


The Lost Star Chronicles

Group Name: The Lost Star Chronicles Country: UK Website: Facebook Group: Describe Your Game Genre: Action adventure fantasy Who Creates Characters: The...

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Aurum LARP

We are currently a small (20-30 players) game with a small rulebook (<100 pages) that is easy to pick up. Because we are new, everyone is around the same level amd working together to survive and 'win' the weekend. We have a great range of players from...

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Twilight Realms

Group Name: Twilight Realms Facebook Group: Describe Your Game Genre: High Fantasy, but we also sometimes run low fantasy or horror events. Who Creates Characters: A Combination of Both How Much Plot is Tailored to...

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Add Your LARP to the List

We’d love to see your larp here. Listed for other players to enjoy and explore. All you have to do is press the button and fill in the simple form.

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