Larp Group:

The Outbound Hope Mission



Larp Genre:

Science Fiction, Hard Science Fiction, Military Fiction

Who Creates The Characters?

The Referee / Organiser

On Average how tailored is the plot to characters?

A Lot

What Makes Events Friendly to New Players?

As this is a blockbuster-style event catering to both experienced and inexperienced larpers, we’re going to begin each event with a tutorial session that includes — among many other things — some basics on improvisational acting and character-building. Our event is deliberately written and designed to be as inclusive to players of various experience levels as possible.

How Frequently do you run events

For our 2019, we will be running two events: November 8-10 and November 15-17. Both events will be relatively identical, but with two different crew of 120 players.

What are the facilities like?

Our event is hosted aboard the USS Edson, a decommissioned naval ship in Bay City, Michigan. For the purposes of the event, the Edson will be outfitted with touch-screen panels and other technologies to simulate the interior of a starship. In addition, we will be using moveable trailers and additional locations in the Bay City, MI area to simulate the existence of other ships within the fleet which some players may visit.  

Tell us anything else you would like to about Your Game World, and How Your Events Work

Our promotional description of the event:
“The Outbound Hope Mission is a multi-day, live-action role-playing event intended to give players the realistic, immersive experience of being aboard a space-bound starship. Hosted within the interior of the decommissioned USS Edson in Bay City, Michigan, players will be engaged in three days of exciting science-fiction adventures and missions. For the duration of the event, the Edson will be outfitted to serve as the Ascendant Dawn, a military vessel leading a fleet of colonists into the unknown. With a crew of over 100 individuals, players will need to work together – and against each other – to fulfill duties and objectives unique to their character.” Our game world itself is based heavily on a gritty, real-world future as hinted at by modern scientific and political projections. Plausible science and experience (alongside play-ability) is a major piece of our worldbuilding efforts. The game itself is established in two blockbuster-style events in November of 2018. For players, registration price includes food, lodging, unique characters, and full costuming/gear. For more details, check out our “about” page at  


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