A couple of months ago we were poised a question. Which LARPs in the UK work hard to support children? Specifically Children aged 6 and over. This was a great question. A great many larpers have families and having larping as a family activity or break seems to me to be a great idea.

So we posted the question and put out feelers into the larp community at large. What came back was nothing but good news. From a UK perspective a number of groups with what appeared to be be excellent support for children. Internationally we had more groups, and in addition resources for accomplishing this goal of making sure that Children can indeed larp.

We’re starting here with where the question started. The United Kingdom. Here are comments and links to number of larps that offer a larping experience to children.

So here is the list.

If you would like to see your larp represented please get in touch. We are very keen to expand this to include as many eligible larps as possible.

All the responses below are direct quotes from our responders. Their names are at the end of the article and I’d like to thank them very much


Web: http://www.outcastlrp.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/97075839211/

What this System does for Children

Runs separate sessions for only kids in parallel with adult sessions during events….allows children and adults to participate in other sessions together. Has a 9 pm watershed

Curious Pastimes

Web: http://renewalbooking.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/curiouspastimes/

What this System does for Children

As much as I love Empire for ic activities as a parent CP has proven to be better events for us as a family. Straight away the kids can create a character and use the skills/magic without having to wait. Ooc CP has all their events at places with established toilets not portaloo. This is a massive plus. Ooc CP has all their events at places with established toilets not portaloo. This is a massive plus. There are kids linears organised but equally they can join in adult rp and rituals if they desire and have non com monster roles they can do.

Seaxe and Sorcery (HMS)

Web:  http://www.seaxeandsorcery.co.uk
Forum:  http://www.seaxeandsorcery.co.uk/forum/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SeaxeandSorcery/
G+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/106232760440493140635

What this System does for Children

Our H.M.S. (Historical Mythological Society) is our primary LARP system, running at least 4 weekend events each year plus one-dayers. All weekend events have Squires Adventures, designed and run specifically for younglings. They are looked after by a set crew of adults however the parents of the squires are also required to look after them as much as possible. They are also welcome on the one-dayers, but the parents must look after them for these. Often the Squires are a lot more dangerous (and often lethal) compared to the adults because they are given a lot of abilities and protection – go up against them at your peril! 😀


Web: http://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empire.lrp

What this System does for Children

here is a school system with drop in drop out services that teach the background, safe fighting and in game skills. They also do two tests, the test of citizenship after which the children become full characters and the test of arms after which they can take the battlefield. The academy also do specific, safe quests of their own. Each nation also does seasonal festivals that the children are encouraged to take part in

We received this update about Empire via Facebook from Monica Wells. It was so good I had to include it:

Empire in the UK encourages families to bring kids. The main encampment is kept apart from the combat area, and kids can either stay in the camp (also all kids weapons in camp are treated as wooden practice swords) or go through the ‘academy’ to learn the rules for combat and how to fight safely. When they are judged proficient enough to be safe they can take part in the mass combats. It really adds to the ‘village’ feel with people bringing their babies and kids running around.

The Lost Star Chronicles

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/489840531198500/

What this System does for Children

offers children free larp at our day events providing they attend with an adult, our events normally last from about 11am to 4 pm.

Three Kingdoms LRP

Web: http://www.threekingdomslrp.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/37512250903/

What this System does for Children

Three Kingdoms LRP in South Wales caters for children as most of the older members have since started families. They run a few children only missions over the weekend, children are allowed in the bigger battles but when it comes to the big set pieces they are kept out of the way because of the large numbers and the complicated mechanics involved.

Generally the children have their own guild allowing them to try out a bit of everything (magic, alchemy, combat etc…) but cant get the advanced skills until they are old enough to decide the kind of character they want to play.

Monster crew is quite forgiving and will usually end up with two monsters dedicated to dealing with the child horde, bash their shield a load, let them get some epic kills and generally get them to waste their mana since they have a load of mana and good regen they can change the outcome of a battle (hence being kept away from big setpieces, usually on another plane), but they can keep an event going all the way through to the end of the weekend.

Element RPG

Web: http://elementrpg.wikidot.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Urutau/

What this System does for Children

Based in Kent this system has a membership system that allows for both Adult and Child members. Child members play a reduced rate compared to adult members. Membership includes a price reduction for the events attended. Both one day and weekend events are run by the club and child members are encouraged to attend and interact. This club has been described as a good, low cost regular game.


Legend Quests

Web: http://legendquests.com/

What this System does for Children

Legend Quests takes the approach of a live interactive story telling experience that children from the age of 8 can take part in the experience .The stories are set in an alternative version of 1750’s England where the creatures from fairy tales are real. Whilst aimed at children parents and other attending adults can participate. An adult version of Legend Quests also exists.


Information on these systems provided by: Dave Buttery, Kathleen Valentine, Sam “Bifford”, Hemming Ross, Atsuri(c/o Reddit), Zara Keene, Jennifer Moyashi-Chan Wright. Olly Mc – thank you all.

The image for this post is c/o Rebecca Pitt. Thank you very much.

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