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If you’re a regular reader of LARPBook  / viewer of the show then you might notice something a little different about the look of this episode. For the first time Stuart and I are sat side by side in the same room. It actually worked out pretty well and as you may imagine there is a story to it.

On Tuesday evening – at our regular showtime I had massive internet woes and simply could not get on line until about 40 minutes after the start. Stuart attempted to run the show single handed and answered questions from Facebook. This could have worked but he suffered a curse of sudden low bandwidth and his broadcast quality simply became unworkable. The show had to stop. We did end up briefly together online for a short rant about the fist world problem of, “curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal Internet“. In the end though we the decided the best idea was to get together and record the show for later uploading.

Which happened the next day.

As the title says this was our overview of Fairweather Manor 3 (FM3). FM3 was our first international larp and first nordic larp. Its these firsts that been at the back of our extended coverage for this game. The show became a conversation that gave us a chance to talk together about the whole experience and what we thought of it. I hope you find this interesting.

Seeing As I’ve just mentioned extended FM3 coverage; let me give you a few links that will help you learn more.

Firstly here is the FM3 video diary. In another first we recorded to camera pieces throughout the larp. I’ll be doing this from now on at other events, as I think the rawness of just putting on video thoughts has a great deal of use and power. Here is the YouTube Playlist that is our diary.


In addition we’ve placed a number of videos and photographs of FM3 on PCloud. We hope you enjoy them. The usual LARPBook Creative Commons Licence applies to these. You are free to use them – but do not charge for them. Here’s the link.

We hope you find this entertaining and useful. I’ll certainly be looking for more International Larp in the future.


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