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Special guest for this episode is Mo Holkar, one of the organizers of The Smoke. An international larping festival that is being held in London between January 6th 2017 and January 8th 2017.

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As you can imagine we were very interested to hear about an international event in London. We spent time talking to Mo about his plan to cause a cross pollination of larping ideas between countries. One of the ways he’s doing this is to give attendees the opportunities to try out a number of Larps. Since there are going to 20 larps played at the event in total we believe that if you go then there is a good chance of finding something that is both new and interesting to you.

Of course going could be difficult as we also learned that the event is now fully booked.

The good news is that a second festival next year seems likely.

We had a really good interview with Mo. So thank you Mo.

The best places to find Mo Holker on the internet are either
on Facebook or his blog


We had an update on the fantastic feedback we are getting on the start of our Children in LARP series. This post looks at child friendly larps in the UK.

Taling Point

Rob, Thom and Stu spend some time about International Larp. The benefits of attending such events and why we think they are going to be an increasing trend for the future.


Gulag Pt 3 The Others
Last years first Gulag event is now moving onto its third part. The write up on the Facebook Event page gives you a great insight into the events plot and background. Meanwhile over on the Gulag player group we are very impressed by how the players are all working to hard to show the development of costume and props. Love this as when you go to this event you know what to expect in look and feel from other players. It also makes you aware of kit fashions and standards. This kind of player community is something I’m seeing more and more of – and I love it. Learn more at:


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