About LARPBook

LARPBook is all about finding out about what is happening in LARP.

it was borne out of a very simple idea. LARPs traditionally existed in bubbles. Players only knew about a small number of larps; and people in one country did not necessarily understand how larp was played in other countries.

LARPBook was build to break those bubbles by shining a light on all the variations of larp.

We don’t really support any particular style of play (although all the team have their personal favourites). Our aim is instead to work with the larping community to show off the diversity of larp around the world.

We do this via this website; a YouTube Channel and social media.

On This Page

 You’ll find various announcements and items of news that should give you a flavour of LARPBook. Don’t forget to explore. There is a lot in this website.


LARPBook Expands to Video

You have noticed from the two badges that today have appeared on the site that we now have channels on Twitch.TV and YouTube. I'll just talk about these for a moment to let you know what is going on. Ever since we started the Podcast earlier this year our presenters...

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LARPBook is on Patreon

We have decided to open a Patreon account for LARPBook. You can find it at: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=533190 Over the last few months we have come to realise that there are a number of directions we want to take LARPBook in. These include Improving the Websites...

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Writing A New LARP

Right now I am engaged in the process of getting a game ready for the end of March. It'll be played by Twilight Realms at Oakraven Field Centre in the Forest of Dean. I'm fully into the writing groove and I thought it might be a good idea to share the process; that...

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The 2014 Larp Census Results

Earlier this year I posted to link to the larping.org who were running a questionnaire to learn more about Larping. Well the count is complete and the numbers are in. This means that I can now link to the results page. Here it is:...

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LARP in Space

It looks as if I'm going to taking off sometime next year. I've been chatting - and by this I really meaning plotting with a group of TV SF fans to bring LARP to SF fandom. Nothing new there really as most Larpers I've ever met have been fans of Science Fiction (and...

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Crew Calls for LARP Events

I've decided that its time to extend the functionality in LARPBook a little. In addition to publishing event details I've decided that we will also do crew calls for events. This means that if you have an event and would like to put out a request for additional crew...

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