Katie – The new LARPBook team member

You may have noticed an upswing in our social media posting recently. This is down to new team member Katie Horner who has agreed to help out with LARPBook.

I thought it might be good to take a moment and introduce Katie.

First of all that’s her picture you can see at the top of this post.

You might also like to know that she is involved in a number of larps look at the end and you’ll find a list of these.

We asked Katie how she’s like to introduce herself and this is what she said

What Katie Said

I’d like to say I’ve been a lrper all my life, and love that I have. I’d like to say I am grateful to be part of Larpbook. I’m not really good at talking about myself haha.

As you can see she has a great sense of humour. Well what do you expect she is a larper

What Katie Plays

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