Some NERF for LARP Recommendations

We’ve had quite a bit of interest in Nerf for LARP article and right now a number of people are working on follow on pieces and sets of recommendations.

We’ve also had our first set of recommendations in are they are

These are all from Ram M Ramadan via Facebook.

Thank You Ram!

my best advice keep it Simple. maverick/ strongarm are best most reliable guns, Vulcan can jam other guns are slower

Painting idea taken from Internet
Modification : remove air restricted as YouTube. We don’t like spring modification more powerful can be more dangerous

Also buzz bee is a great range rather then Nerf see buzzbee long shot shot gun can be saw down looks great painted

I like the idea of adopting the air restricters on Nerf guns., Rams point is that increasing the poundage can make guns more dangerous and in addition I’ve heard it reported that it is possible for a more powerful spring can break a Nerf outright. In case you’re wondering about this talk of springs. Nerf guns basically use a spring to drive down a plunger and this causes the rush of air that fires the dart. The more air that does through the more powerful. More can be fixed by pushing with more force (a bigger spring) or by allowing more air in (remove the air restrictions).

I hope this helps. More as it comes in.

How To Nominate for the 2015 LARP Awards

How To Nominate for the 2015 LARP Awards

The categories for this years UK LARP Awards have been released. If you’d like to know what they and how to make a nomination then this post is for you.

First all the categories are:

  • Player of the Year
  • Best Small Larp of the Year (less than 30 players)
  • Best Medium Larp of the Year (30-100 players)
  • Best Large Larp of the Year (over 100 players)
  • Best Family event of the Year (involves under 16’s)
  • Best Grass roots system of the Year (bringing new players into the hobby)
  • Best New Larp of the Year (debut event run after the 1st of February 2014)
  • Best Larp Producer – Foam/Latex
  • Best Larp Producer – Leather
  • Best Larp Producer – Costume
  • Best Larp Caterer
  • Best Creature Costume of the Year
  • On-line Retailer of the Year
  • In-field Retailer of the Year
  • NPC of the Year
  • Event Crew Member of the Year
  • Unsung Hero Award
  • Life Time Achievement

Note that Player of the year is a new category that replaces the previous Lord and Lady of Larp.

There are 2 separate categories for photographs these are:

  • Best LARP Photograph
  • Best Character Costume

To nominate a photograph you need to post it to –

To nominate in the main categories – and you can nominate as many categories as you want to – you need to send you nominations to: [email protected]

When sending in your nominations don’t just do a simple list. Put in some details and reasons as to why you are nomination something or someone. This really helps the judges out.

Nominations close on the 8th of February 2015 and the awards themselves will held on the 21st of February at the Stage Hotel in Leicester.

3 Cool Links for Larpers

3 Cool Links for Larpers

Every now and then I get collections of resources or articles that are just plain useful but where for various reasons are just better suited for being displayed together rather than as individuals.

However all of these have something in common. They can all bring new ideas, or new games to you.

Lets start with Crolarper. If you’re a LARPBook regular then you’ll know all about The Diary of Croatian Larper. A good number of its articles are republished in Larpbook. However this link:

This is a pre-release interview with the creators of Treasure Trapped – a film about Larp with an imminent release. Its a timely interview with good information and a good starting point if you want to start thinking about Larp with fresh eyes, I didn’t republish this article – as tempting as it was, since I really wanted you to read this one in its place of origin.

Next up is something for readers from America – or anyone who wants to learn more about Larp in the USA.

This is a reincarnation of a previous Wiki and it looks as if this one is looking to expand and needs editors. If you think you can help you should get in touch. Otherwise its a resource to be used and enjoyed.

The third and final link is Larps from the Factory

This site contains material from the Larp Factory Book and is a collection of Larps and resources. It is nothing less than a collection of Nordic Larps and help to run and play them. You can buy the full book here, but even if you’re not sure about that its a great place to learn about playing and writing a nordic larp. If you do buy the book they also have a scheme for you help a Larper living in a country where the book is completely unaffordable to get a copy.

That’s it 3 Larps – people thinking about larps, creating encyclopaedia of larps and of course some games in there own right. 3 ways for you to get new Larp content.

Of Larvae, Maggots and Sand Worms

Of Larvae, Maggots and Sand Worms

Earlier on today I caught a link to a page describing how to make a Shai Hulud costume that was originally made for Halloween. It was a cheap and easy solution to making a worm costume.

If you’d like to know how to make a man sized giant worm. Here’s the link

The Shai-Hulud costume can be converted to any kind of wormy, maggoty, larval stage thing. Which is useful as those things that squirm about are a useful creature. I remember a game where giant maggots played out a significant scene. Those maggots costume were based on sleeping bags. Things got very  hot in them (stripping off was the only way to go), and whilst successful as an encounter they  weren’t a costume you’d want to wear often. The Shai- Hulud costumes looks reasonably comfortable to wear as tubes go.

So consider the worms. Great for horror, SF and fantasy.



How To Write a LARP Game

I’m reasonably sure that everyone who writes LARP events has their own process for creating games. What I’m going to do here is talk about some of the techniques I use for putting together a scenario, I’ve found this method particularly valuable on short LARP events – 1 day or evening games. I’m hoping you’ll find this useful. I’m also hoping that if you have ideas or techniques for writing games I hope you’ll share them.

Step 1: The Nugget / Strapline / Elevator Pitch

For me it always starts with a simple idea that can be built up into a full blown situation and story. A couple of my recent ones have started with:

    • An Inn – in the middle of the ocean
    • 2 Ambitious vampire brothers plotting in a seized farmhouse

Step 2: Chuck the ideas around

Or throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks. Just play with possibilities and see what seems what a good idea. All scenarios need character, story and something to catch the players imagination. Messing around with ideas now will help add a little to all three of those.

Step 3: The Characters

Who are the players going to meet. What is their background, what motivates them, what are their allegiance’s and intentions. At this point I’m not worrying about statistics and game terms I am just thinking about who these characters are.

Step 4 The story

I’ve got characters and ideas so now I work these together. I often see a short scenario as an event that the players get immersed in. So it has to have a life of its own and also respond to the actions of the players. So now its time to work out lots of story components and see how they work.

Step 6 The Story Board

I find a story board useful. These are start of game events, set pieces and a rough outline of when certain characters will enact certain plans. These aren’t hard and fast – as a too rigid a structure rarely survives contact with the players. Instead this is a planning tool to help the crew manage things like preparing NPCs, make- up , props and special effects. The crew always work very hard and any help the writer can give them is worth it.

Step 7 The Stats

This is when everything gets put in game terms. When character stats and abilities are defined in terms of the rules. Rules for me are something to encourage fair and equitable play – not a something to build to and for – so I often leave this to nearly last or last to do. Doing this last also means that I have to take another critical look at everything written – which makes it a great opportunity for spotting those things that made sense at the time but on reflection are a really bad idea.

That’s it – by this time I have everything to run a LARP and its time to worry about everything else (like game logistics).

Image license.

Tip for Writers: The Size of a Featured Image

LARPBook is a growing and developing thing, Its current look is not the end and the articles about LARPing increase every week. This development means that I am in the wonderful position of working out what is good.

One part of the design that is working and that I want to continue are the large images seen at the top of a good many articles.  To me these are great scene setters and improve the look and feel of the pages they grace.

It makes sense to me that I should let prospective writers know the best image size to get a good result on Larpbook

The key to a good featured image is the size. It needs to be a width of 7oo pixels.

Making your featured image 700 pixels wide will give you a  great result

I’ll be adding little tips like this in between posts about LARPing. I’m hoping to attract writers to this blog. That means I need to offer support.  These short tips will be  part of that process


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