Every now and then I get collections of resources or articles that are just plain useful but where for various reasons are just better suited for being displayed together rather than as individuals.

However all of these have something in common. They can all bring new ideas, or new games to you.

Lets start with Crolarper. If you’re a LARPBook regular then you’ll know all about The Diary of Croatian Larper. A good number of its articles are republished in Larpbook. However this link:


This is a pre-release interview with the creators of Treasure Trapped – a film about Larp with an imminent release. Its a timely interview with good information and a good starting point if you want to start thinking about Larp with fresh eyes, I didn’t republish this article – as tempting as it was, since I really wanted you to read this one in its place of origin.

Next up is something for readers from America – or anyone who wants to learn more about Larp in the USA.


This is a reincarnation of a previous Wiki and it looks as if this one is looking to expand and needs editors. If you think you can help you should get in touch. Otherwise its a resource to be used and enjoyed.

The third and final link is Larps from the Factory


This site contains material from the Larp Factory Book and is a collection of Larps and resources. It is nothing less than a collection of Nordic Larps and help to run and play them. You can buy the full book here, but even if you’re not sure about that its a great place to learn about playing and writing a nordic larp. If you do buy the book they also have a scheme for you help a Larper living in a country where the book is completely unaffordable to get a copy.

That’s it 3 Larps – people thinking about larps, creating encyclopaedia of larps and of course some games in there own right. 3 ways for you to get new Larp content.

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