Over the years I’ve had to try and explain what a LARP is a to a number of people. It hasn’t always been an easy task. For many people (I’m focusing on the UK here) the type of play that LARP represents seems alien, childish and pointless. Yet people from all walks of life who have been (begrudgingly) talked into attending a game very often have such a good time that all they then want is their next session.

I don’t really have a good explanation for this. Except that perhaps the key is in how you introduce the idea.

Fortunately for all of this Ivan Zelac has done some homework on how to explain what a larp is in the form of  collection of videos.

If you’re not sure how to explain what Larp is then click on the link, read his article and watch the videos.



The image used on this post comes via the excellent Flickr user Ralph H (Kamerakata). For more information on this image please follow this link:


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