Earlier on today I caught a link to a page describing how to make a Shai Hulud costume that was originally made for Halloween. It was a cheap and easy solution to making a worm costume.

If you’d like to know how to make a man sized giant worm. Here’s the link


The Shai-Hulud costume can be converted to any kind of wormy, maggoty, larval stage thing. Which is useful as those things that squirm about are a useful creature. I remember a game where giant maggots played out a significant scene. Those maggots costume were based on sleeping bags. Things got very¬† hot in them (stripping off was the only way to go), and whilst successful as an encounter they¬† weren’t a costume you’d want to wear often. The Shai- Hulud costumes looks reasonably comfortable to wear as tubes go.

So consider the worms. Great for horror, SF and fantasy.



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