In this episode Thom is scheduled to squeal like a girl and gets all worried. Meanwhile Rob gets all geeky over Donald Bellisario in our Larp House Special

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In this Episode

Interview and conversation with Cheyenne Rain and Anthony Bellisario from Larp House

Most of this episode is an extended conversation between Larp House and LARPBook. We talk about the differences between the US and UK (including the number of castles). Variations in how larp is played and the scale of events and we also cast a look at European Larp.

In addition the conversation carries on to the how videos are created.  Why do a web series and the Larp House Etsy Shop is uncovered.

There is also a great announcement for all UK Horror Larp enthusiasts as we announce the return of Fear of the Dark with a promise of 4 events in the next year. There’s no news on their web site but we have this from a very inside source.

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The image used on this post if from the Larp House video : How to Apply a Latex Prosthetic.



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