Or in fact any walking aid that can be used one handed – such as a crutch.

Here’s the question. If you have a mobility problem there are games will let carry walking sticks providing they are not used in a combat situation. Others will not. I’m not saying which is right or wrong as I’ve walking sticks and staves that are most definitely not safe raised in defence or as a threat over the years – and that strikes me as being a problem. After all I don’t think it would be fair to judge anyone who simply gets caught up in moment. In larp we work hard to create those moments so we shouldn’t be too upset when they actually happen.

No what’s needed is a practical walking stick that can serious help bear a persons weight and that is still Larp safe.

I’m not saying these don’t exist. Its just that a lot of larp safe sticks and staffs look great but of the ones I’ve tried I don’t thing they would last too long when used seriously used as a walking stick.

So I have 2 ideas

Let’s create some lists of walking aides that are practical, weight bearing and larp safe. Larpbook will be happy to publish these as people need to know which items are solid and which are just a prop. Put your answers in the comments or on our Facebook page and we’ll do the rest. Please don’t just try and spam us with advertising. Lets go for items that you have tried and that.

Secondly if anyone knows the best way to do this then get in touch as we’d like to work with you on publishing a how to on how to make a larp safe walking stick.


The image on this article is via Flickr user Joao Brizzi and you can learn more about it and its licence if you click here.


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