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Background: Lichwood Grove was formed in summer 2014 with just four people and has been growing steady ever since. We have a strong core of regulars who are happy to help anyone whether new or experienced in LARP.

We are part of the Amtgard Canada (the Northern Empire) and we like to travel between parks regularly, as well as take part in cross gaming events where we can learn about other systems.

We always have loaner gear available so all that is required is just to show up with a positive attitude and an imagination.

Your Game System: We use the Amtgard v8.0 rule set, which is high fantasy and has a sporty focus. There are several layers to the system so if someone shows up day one with no knowledge they can still jump in and have fun. This can happen while veterans can get intense and plan out class combinations as well as build elaborate spell list to form their play style.

It allows for a wide variety of customization when it comes to your character, while also keeping everything mostly balanced. We have ‘wizard’ that are akin to jedi, ‘barbarians’ who are like stoic Samurai, ‘bards’ who are one man armies, and ‘healers’ who are necromancers. If there is anything you wish to play you can make it here.

This is a boffer larp that is not lightest touch so some impacts can be somewhat hard. With that said all weapons are checked regularly to ensure everyone is safe. There is a minimum of one inch of closed cell foam around any striking core and striking surfaces must have a cross section of 2.5 inches.

Your Game World: There are multiple Amtgard chapters around the world but in Kitchener Ontario we play in the Lichwood Forest. There are magical natural deposits to fight over, factions of competing bodies to gain reputation from, beasts to slay, terrain to avoid, and of course a strong sense of community between the citizens of the town.

In regards to races a person can play pretty much anything they want as Lichwood has many denizens and is welcoming to all peoples who will stand with them on the frontier.

Play Style: While most games are just battlegames with a small bit of meaning going to character development there are quests that have lasting effects to Lichwood. Victories, losses, and draws are all taken account of when it comes quest lines. When caught in the middle some adventures need to make morally grey choices having to choose between the needs of the man verses the needs of a few. Fates are decided by our players hands; not the cosmic world ending ones but the deep personal ones that will rock players to their core.

As with all things the darkness is made that much darker when contrasted with levity. Lichwood is on the frontier of civilization which attracts a certain type of outsider. We have a wide cast of ‘unique’ citizens to entertain and make light of situations when called for.

When Are Your Games: All games happen at 10 chopin drive, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Rain or shine.

We have fighter practices every Wednesday from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, where we improve our strikes and technique as well as try out new costume and garb. Not only is it a nice break in the middle of the week but it helps our members become better players in both safety and execution.

Every Sunday (12pm-3pm)we have our regular field where players have a chance to participate in battlegames, roleplay, or even go on quests. It is fun to see your local park get turned into a world of fantasy before your very eyes.

Additional Contact Details:

twitter: @lichwoodgrove
Instagram: lichwoodgrove

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