In which Stuart is very sleeping and existing on spoon fed caffeine pills.

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  • Treasure Trapped
  • LARPBook v2
  • Events
  • Living Features
  • Hypopathetical help and more!
  • Discussion

    Treasure Trapped – discussion and review
    To learn more about Treasure Trapped and book a screening visit:

    Coping with Down Time in Games

    News…..sort of

    What would you like in LARPBook v2? Talking about features for the upcoming site upgrade and asking what would you like it to do for you?

    Looking for Writers on LARPBook v2. We are looking for new writers on Would you like to write about LARP?

    Update on Living Features – Progress on the global LARP Game


    last minute call out for players For Forest Argent – You can Run.

    Pre Shoot Training Event for the Dark Ages

    HypoPathetical Help

    When guarding, when is it appropriate to tell the person the guard is deaf and mute?
    Mrs Miggins from Derby

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