• Liz Blakeman (from the Gryphons Faction of the Gathering
  • Kes Sampson (Balrog Gaming)
  • Thomas Busby (our new man in Social Media)
  • Jeremy Teague (For a US view on August Holiday Gaming

In This Show

  • Report from the Gathering
  • Report from Balrog Games
  • Challenge Jeremy Clarkson
  • We Compare the UK big August Weekend Events to games in the US.
  • Events
  • Hypopathetical help and more!

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Report from the Gathering
Report from Balrog Games
In the UK we have one weekend where the vast majority of LARPers LARP. How does this compare to the US? We also talk about Boffer LARP, Theatrical and so on.

Challenge Jeremy Clarkson – Convert a Car to move like a dragon, To have a posable head, wings and tail and legs that move. Lets see what the top gear team can do with larp on their new amazon show.

Thom is introduced and asked to make a cup of tea


Margherita Bigonzi from the Facebook group UK LARP
Ok..I am new to the group in the sense that I have never posted and I also wonder if its right to ask but…
I find it hard to find my bearings around the large amount of Larps in England and I can’t figure out a way to find groups relatively near London.
Can anyone help me out? Or even if anyone goes to events not in the london area but,go there together from London that I can join?

We Suggest:


Twilight Realms 20 -22 Nov
One Weekedn and two games: Sound Mind and English Vs Vikings

More information at:

HypoPathetical Help

Hi my name is Chris and I’m planning on attending a Cthulhu event in the near future. My question is how do I get through a game like this and maintain my sanity

Chris from Bristol

Thank you’s

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