I’m going to start by asking you take a look another blog. Specifically the rather wonderful larp.guide – and a recent post about the cost of events. This article explains the financial pressures of running a game. It talks about where the money goes and how many event organisers have to put up their own money to make things work. In other words it explains why LARPs can get expensive.

I also don’t see how LARPS can get any cheaper. Costs of items such as venues and insurance seem to keep on going up. Additionally kit standards are getting higher and higher – which also stretches the poor larp organisers budget.

So what can we do? Here are some suggestions. The objective on all of these is to try and keep things fair and to stop price becoming a barrier to entry on LARPs.

For a single Large event

Why not create an instalment scheme. Each month in the run up to the game the players pay a fixed amount in. This gives the organiser a running monthly budget to work with and spreads the cost for the players. I’ve seen this done successfully at Balrog Games and its going to be part of Hive Mind Larp Events.

The Golf Club Approach

Golf clubs work by selling a membership package and then other items such as a actually going on a course or eating are charged at members rates. So why not apply this to a LARP Club. A membership fee (paid in single or by instalments) gives you some benefits. Perhaps first dibs on places in the game, or access to preferred accommodation, or a reduced event rate. Whatever the bonus is – it needs to be tangible. Again the idea is to keep cash flow running to the organisers to enable venue booking and cash purchase whilst spreading the cost to the players

The Food Club

Why not separate out the cost of food from the event cost. Players now have 2 smaller bills to pay rather than one large bill. Food clubs make it easier to assign money to catering. I’ve seen food clubs run well in the past. For a couple of current examples – Neothera Saga are looking into this and Forest Argent are even giving food organisation its own Facebook Group.

If we can’t bring down the cost of LARP events then perhaps its time to get as creative as can about organising the finances to make life easier for players and organisers alike.

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