Raglan castle in South Wales recently played host to a Pirate Festival. The castle itself has a long history and if you’d like to know more there are good references here and here.  However what you may be wondering is just why is a LARP blog taking a look at a pirate festival?

The reason is simple. This where the lines between LARP, Cosplay and re-enactment all get blurred together. There were great pieces of cosplay. There were role-played scenes that followed a plot line, and there was some great historical re-enactment. Also this was not a closed group. It was a public event. Reports coming out do indicate that the public had a great time  For me that suggests that this festival and others like it do some work in making LARP more publicly acceptable. For that we have to thank them.

LARPBooks own podcast presenter Luke Pitt (aka Lukas Pittimus Maximus),  attended and played the role of King George III. If you’d like to hear his take on the festival then watch or listen to episode 15 of our show.

For more information about the event here is its Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/333973836809687/?fref=nf

In the meantime here is a gallery – I really hope you enjoy it.

I’d like to take a moment to point out that the photos are reproduced by permission of the festivals organisers and that the photos are the copyright of their creators.

Our Feature image for this post was taken by the talented Matt Lewis.

And Finally what happens when a king gets mixed up pirates? This is what happens:

Thank you Venenum Rosa

Next here – the whole LARPBook crew are planning to join in on the fun.

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