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  • Report from Raglan Pirate Festival
  • What’s the difference  LARP, Cosplay, and Re-enactment
  • LARPBOOK-Shirts and Hoodie
  • Join the LARPs cast and crew as they re-watch all of S01
  • Hypothetical help and more!

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  • Report from Raglan Pirate Festival
  • What’s difference  LARP, Cosplay, and Re-enactment?


Unveiling of the new LARPBOOK-Shirts and Hoodie Prior

Join the LARPs cast and crew as they re-watch all of S01 together LIVE on Twitch. Ridiculousness will abound; a can’t-miss event if you love LARPs and the wacky people who make it.

Let’s get pumped for Season 2!

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Mirror State: Code Epsilon

On 3rd October – 09:30–17:00

Location: Imperial War Museum Duxford

Where Walks The Shogun

On 29th August 1 day event

Location: Woodbury Common Exeter

HypoPathetical Help

I have been playing the larp game Carpe Noctem, based in Cleveland, Ohio.  The problem Im having is that when in physical combat, my physicals are maxed out at 12. I am constantly going up against people who can bid 18 traits or more in combat.  I would like to know how legally I can do this.  I am playing a 10th gen Bruja, and I have all disciplines maxed at level 5.  I know weapons and fetishes can increase stats, but it seems that isnt a cure all for my problem.  I have to outright win at chops against people whos stats can kick my tail.  Any tips would be appreciated.
Character name: Otto Gustav

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