Back at the end of July I openly wondered if it was possible to run a LARP event that operated at Global level. If you missed the first post you can find it here.

As a result of that post there was an amount of interest in the idea. Both from people who worked on or are working on large scale larps and also from players who would like to work on such a thing. One of the best ideas was to create a think tank. The think tanks job would be to create the game concept and the mechanism for running it. It’s this approach that I have decided to take.

This brings us to neatly to Living Features. Living Features is the name I gave to an idea to produce games based on classic TV or film universes. It never really came together but the name has some resonance in me. I feel that Living Features quite neatly sums up in 2 words what a LARP event is. It is a Feature event that lives. If nothing else I have a name for a LARP Group. Right now there is a Facebook Group for Living Features.

This can be found at:

It is now going into Think Tank mode for the global game, with the objective to come up with answers to the questions

  • What should the the Global Game be about – an outline of the genre and background plot for the game
  • How do we organise this?

Once these are documented we can look at other questions that arise.

I think the aim has to be to reach considered solutions. Once a decision has been made it should be documented and then we move onto the next problem to solve. I want to avoid infinite loops of discussion – if we don’t do that this game may never happen.

At this point I’d like to say if you are interested in working on this concept. Please join the group and lets get started!

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