2016 – it may have felt like the year that the Earth was burning to an end. In larp though things were not so bad. In fact they were pretty good. The LARPBook podcast takes a look at 2016.

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Special Note: We are rejoined in this episode by Lukas Pittimus Maxius Vulgaris Aurealius Humourius (etc etc etc etc).

  • 2016 a review
  • Total Awesome Viking Power!
  • LARP in 2016!
  • Claus and the Arabian Tails


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Total Awesome Viking Power
Vikings & Pirates has released its first short film, Total Awesome Viking Power, on YouTube. Directed by Morten Forland, it’s about a Viking Larper who’s sentenced by his crew to the Land of the Dead for breaking the “cell phone code of conduct”. There, he comes across the Norse god Odin (who may or may not be the real deal), who teaches him the Ways of the Viking so he can fight, you guessed it, magical ninjas.
Total Awesome Link

Talking Points

  • Has larp taken a turn for the positive in 2016?
  • Will we see more blockbuster larps and what is blockbuster larp
  • The rise of production quality in larps

Response on Childrens Larps – we review the feedback on our project to highlight the larps that work hard to provide a good experience for children. So far we’ve covered the UK and USA, and Europe is up next (Health Warning Rob sings his “Denmark” song during this part of the Podcast).

This Year in LARPBook

We took some time to talk about some of the posts that have come up on Larpbook.com in 2016. This is the list of posts we went through – which are accurate at the time this podcast aired. Please note that all Podcast show notes are removed from this list for brevity.

Is Character Death a Good Thing?
Profile ForWyvernstales Larp
UK Pirate Festivals – 2016
The World Went Dark – Photo Gallery

UK LARP Awards 2016 – The Nominations
A Beginners Diary to LARP
UK LARP Awards 2016 – The Results

Two Sets of LARP Rules
Review of The Sword Falls
LARPCON 2016 Report

Larp Safe Walking Sticks
Legion: A Siberian Story
Interview with Dave from the Wilderness Centre
Childrens Larp: A Wilderness Adventure
Twilight Realms: Domination Photo Gallery
20 Minute College of Wizardry Video

Spindle – A LARP Writing Tool – A First Look
LARP Profile: Lichwood Grove
LARP Walking Sticks – Feedback 1

Forest Argent Weekend Event: Caddihoe
Is Adam Savages Tested a Good Place for LARPers?
LARP – Tips for in case of Crew disaster

20 Years of Curious Pastimes
Event: Heathen LRP Event 1
Event: Twilight Realms – Second Son
LARP Profile: Altered Reality
LARP Profile: Balrog Games
LARP Profile: Gisido Larp
Swordcraft in Action
This is about Fiction. But what is LARP but Enacted Fiction?
The Larp Safe Walking Stick
The Larp Safe Walking Stick – Redux

Actual Medieval Techniques as a LARP Combat Inspiration
Event: Forest Argent – The Convergence
Huzzah! -The Punk Rock LARP Anthem!
Interview – Disability and LARP
Kickstarter: Change Blade
LARP Profile: Legends of the Stars

Children in LARP
Curious Pastimes – Renewal 2016 Photo Gallery
LARP Profile: Twilight Realms
Taking a Look at Ork LARP

LARP Profile: Futures End
Ref Chat from Altered Reality Larp
Reflections Caused By Renewal
The Lost Podcast
The Morning After A First LARP

Fairweather Manor – Larp On
Entering Fairweather Manor
Day 1 in the big Fairweather Manor House
Travelling to Fairweather Manor
Childrens LARPs – UK

Writing a World Building Style Guide — Quintessential Editor
Childrens LARPs – USA.

Note that December ends at the date of this podcast – there will be other posts.


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