I must apologise the audio on this video as there is quite a bit of echo.

However it had to be published as I think this perfectly captures how it feels to have just attended a larp event and had great time. It really does help that Andy was really supported by the club by having a backstory that made it necessary for him to learn from other Players.

A quick explanation on that The club in question was Twilight Realms in the UK .Whos’ Tempress setting has over a decade of backstory. As a result it has become quite rich. The story that Andy mentioned placed him as a stranger in a strange land and worked out really well. The conversations that arose from it taught him about the setting, and for long term players (like myself), gave us a chance to think back on the stories, settings, people and creatures. It was a nice piece of game design.


The photograph used on this piece is supplied by Jamie Blakeman of Twilight Realms


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