This video recorded via live stream on 8/10/2016 is an hour and half long and shows the Altered Reality team talking about their last event, taking questions and talking about the future.

Now I haven’t seen all of it myself yet so this is not review. What I have seen does impress me. Except perhaps for the sound. So I will give you the recommendation of turning the volume up or perhaps wearing earphones. This is however is a technical issue only and does not undermine the content from the refs.

I would love to see more like this.It’s gives a chance to get under the creative skin of a larp. This has so much value. If you’re looking to run a larp and feel it may be beyond you then check this out. You can learn about sharing the load of running a game and also how a team of organisers talks to each other. Its a chance for group learning. One of the things that I believe is that all event organisers can learn from each other. So putting this much out there is just fantastic.

Sessions like this also help undermine the bad of stereotype of larpers being antisocial nerds who to put it mildly cannot talk, or interact as, well, people. This disproves that point and shows the event organisers and attendees talking passionately, in a way that deftly blows away those misconceptions.

That’s all I’m going to say right now as I a feel a future post on the topic building but for now watch the video


Here is the link to the main Altered Reality You Tube Channel with Event 2 photos cued up.


The image for this post comes from the video

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