Contact Name: Adam Cooper

Contact Email: [email protected]

Group Name: Future’s End

Group Website:

Facebook Group:

Describe Your Game Genre: Modern AU Superhero LARP

Who Creates Characters: The Player

How Much Plot is Tailored to individual Characters?: It Varies

How Long Has the Group Been Running For?: 1 Year

What Makes Your Events Friendly to New Players?:
We don’t distinguish between new and veteran players. Everyone has equal opportunities within the game. Our NPC’s and crew are happy to talk and discuss any concerns throughout the game, and our admin team will field any questions asked.

How Frequently do you run events and for a players what is the commitment level to attend all events like?:
2 mainlines every 6 months (March/September) with socials and sanctioned events in between.
Players are free to attend as they choose.

Typically What Are the Facilities Like at your Game Sites?:

  • Fully fitted purpose built W/C Building with showers.
  • Food Van
  • Bar area.

Finally Tell us anything else you would like to about Your Game World, and How Your Events Work:
Future’s End is a Super hero game with players taking on the role of Superheros. The two factions, Project:Omega and Operation:Alpha, seek to out smart each other, gain the upper hand, and maintain public opinion throughout the media.

Players can play a Human, Mutant, Alien or Ethereal. Al with access to weapons, firearms, magic and psyker abilities.

It is a melee and nerf based combat system.

Future’s End is an 18+ game.

Future’s End Gallery

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