So this week we had a podcast and at first it looked we had a small but good episode. Due to scheduling issues it was just Stuart and myself recording on Wednesday. We ended with a rambling conversation that had a few high points.

Unfortunately the audio from my side did not record at all and Stuarts came through with a quality that was too low to use.

So the show had to abandoned.

On reflection thought there were some fun points. So here is a quick recap on the episode that happened but ended up in a digital Bermuda Triangle.

First of all we laid out our plans for the next episode. This has to be done upfront as it is likely that the show on Tuesday Nov 1st will be somewhat compact. Stuart and I leave on the early hours of the next morning for Fairweather Manor 3.  To say that we are excited is a gross understatement. However we’ll need to get all the audio and video posted as quickly as we can so that will make for a sort show.

We also spent some time reflecting on the pregame build up for this event. We’ve been impressed that with a larp that has around 150 players at the level of conversation that is happening about the game. I’ve long been a believer in pregame information build up and exchange, but had my concerns about the use of email in isolation. Instead FM3 uses a combination of cloud documents and discussion groups (via Facebook) to great effect. I know its not the only Larp to do this (I’m a massive fan of the discussions behind the UK Larps “Gulag” and “The World Went Dark”), but I just feel this kind of build up really helps and needs to be mentioned.

We managed to stumble as usual down a few rabbit holes. When I say stumble I mean plunge into the depths of a few taking first class Alice in Wonderland style bottles of ????

Which lead to my personal theory (in-joke) that England owes Wales a lot of money and in doing so we came up with an idea for a new larp setting. So here is the setting and the theory.

The Welsh name for England is Lloegr (which I think comes from the the 10th century Lloegyr – that describes a big chunk of England). However the translation is interesting as it can translate to the Lost Land. This probably started with the Roman invasion of Britain. When Celtic tribes were pushed Westward and Northward. The Romans never successfully managed to invade the tribes to the North (well it is Scotland after all). Their attempts to take over Wales also did not go at all well (despite one little amphitheatre they failed). Once the Romans left England then suffered a series of invasions. England is therefore occupied territory.

What if the Welsh – and I actually should start saying Celts and include our brethren in Scotland and Cornwall; decided that enough was enough.

Would we end up with a simple demand for 2000 years of back rent?

Or (and this is were the larp kicks in), go for a full on invasion of England?

The breakdown of modern society and the invasion of England by pro Celtic nationalists. Now that would be game!

So that’s enough of dreams of invasion for now. We also mentioned AtmosFx   An American company that seems to sell content that be projected onto walls, windows and 3 dimensional shapes to provide special effects. These are not expensive and are firmly aimed at consumers. We couldn’t help but wonder how could they would be for Larp. The good news is that Stuart is going to test one of their products over Halloween so we should hear all about this soon.

Finally we got into the shabby state of American politics at this time and coupled it with Elon Musk. As well as trying to send people into space (and ultimately Mars), Mr Musk is also said to be engaged in looking for a proof that the world is not real. It is in fact a Matrix like simulation. The story has it that physicists are engaged in determining this.  We realised that we already have proof that we are in the Matrix. Take a look a modern politics. What does it remind you of? For me it is larpers gone amok. Yep we are in one big game being played by larpers.

Well that was it for the show and so this ends this little accounting of it.


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