In this episode the Gremlins are out in force, Rob is in a treehouse and Thomas is not too well.

You can download or stream the audio of this episode from here.

This episode is more than a little unusual, so I think it best if I just talk about it. You’ll understand why in mere moments. First of all we decided to experiment with streaming the entire show out using Facebook Live. We’re finding more and more that Facebook is a good place for LARPBook and so putting the show out live this way made sense to us. It also brought in some changes to how the whole show is assembled. As with any technical change a whole horde of gremlins and clowns on wings decided to make themselves known. The good news is that we have catalogued the little devils now and the next episode should be a lot smoother.

Logistically our prep was a little down. We had everything we needed to for our awesome guest, but little else. Sometimes doing a show a couple of times a month can be a little challenging – especially when our lives outside larp (in something called the ‘Real World’), intervene. Fortunately Adam was more than guest enough for the job

So we decided to make the whole show about Adam Cooper, his YouTube Channel and LARP in general. That’s why you are not seeing a lot of headings and lists of topics. This show is one long chat and I’ve decided against segmenting it or putting out spoilers in these notes. Instead I just want to say thank you to Adam for being such a great sport.

I will add a little clarity about Adam here though he’s an enthusiastic larper who runs a great YouTube Channel. Plays a number of larps including Futures End, and has some really good ideas about the hobby. He’s also planning to make films from Larp.

So please take a look at Adams Channel:   and have a listen to his conversation with Stuart as I feel that despite the problems we had with this episode their chat is perhaps on the best yet.



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