After quite a bit of thinking, more delays than I really care to think about the beta version of the LARPBook open LARP Rules book is now out.

Click here to download the book in PDF format

This book is published under a creative commons licence you are free to copy, adapt and use it. The only thing you are not allowed to do is sell it.

As it stands this rulebook is a starting point. I fully expect to release future updates. These will probably contain updates to any typos that have gotten through, amendments to rule explanations that haven’t got through clearly enough and hopefully simplifications and rule adjustments that take this from a first and early beta to something that is truly elegant and useful.

That is the plan anyway.

For those of you who have waited for this – I apologise.

For those of you who want to pass comment, suggest amendments and contribute – I welcome you as your views will hopefully improve this book.



My thanks to Flickr user Judly Klein for the image used in this post. Click here for details of this image and its licence

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