Running a LARP event is enormously satisfying. It is also an incredibly tempting undertaking. Unfortunately it is not without its pitfalls. These tips are for anyone new to LARP who has heard the call to run a game but isn’t sure what to do next. I hope you these 5 short tips useful.

1. Build A Team

Before you announce your game, before you book anything and before you confirm any details make sure you have some people who are as committed as you are to the game. Running a LARP is a difficult task and far too big for one person. You won’t succeed without help so make sure you have it.

2. Work Out Your Budget

It’s a boring fact that things cost and running a LARP Event can get expensive. Make sure you have a budget and from this work out your ticket costs. If the game is not for profit – aim for a profit. This is not to take advantage of your players. This is to make allowances for player drop-outs, an under-selling of tickets or unexpected costs that you could not have ever predicted. Aiming for a small profit will help reduce the risks of a financial shortfall. If it does look like you will have a profit and your rules don’t allow this well then just plough the money back into the game.

3 Visit Your Site

If you’re running a game and writing a scenario it is always better to know the location where you will be running the game well. Take notes and also photographs so you can map out and pre-plan where key scenes may well run. It’s also a good idea to think about how you can move crew around out of players sight during this visit. Looking at ways of making the game flow smoothly at this stage will help on the night. Also take a look at the kitchen. Make sure it has the space you need – especially when it comes to the Fridge and Freezer. You need to be sure you can look after food well.

4 Expect to Run Out of Time

Preparing a LARP Event can be extremely time consuming. Prepare what you can as far in advance as you as you will be amazed how quickly the event is upon you. Also take tools and other equipment that will help you cope with the unexpected on site. Always carry Duck Tape!

5 Know Your System and Story

On the day of the event you may well be called on to think on your feet and come up with decisions and idea fast. If you’re using a set of LARP rules make sure you really understand them – this will help with rulings. Make sure you also really know your story. Having as much of this in your head as possible will really help with on the spot decision making.



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