Following on from the Larp Census interview I’ve been thinking about what LARPBook should do in 2015 and talking to my Larp Census co-presenter we’ve decided that a big part of the direction for 2015 should be get into producing either a podcast or series of live video shows that can later be played back on YouTube.

I’ll still be doing as many written posts as possible (and that includes the much delayed new rulebook), but LARPBook will be expanding into shows.

We’re hoping to do further interviews with as many people as possible from around the world. There may be reports from games. There may well be commentary show. There may well be a how to show.

We’re not sure of the exact content yet.

This is where you come in. We’d like to know what you would like.

What kind of shows would interest you?

Please tell us by posting in either LARPBooks comments area, writing to LARPBook or via the Facebook page.

We aim to deliver something good and we’d like it to be guided by the community.

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