This is a profile for Rowan Musson of Blood on the Blade. Rowan is a Welsh Larper who has turned his talent at creating weapons, armour and props to creating a company that supplies custom made equipment.

Here then is Rowans’ description of his background and creating Blood on the Blade.

To start a little about me.

I was born in Shrewsbury and was brought up in Aberystwyth (mid Wales) from the age of 3. I’ve always had a strong artistic and dramatic flair. I led a fairly standard life all in all. Grew up went to school but never went to Uni deciding that it wasn’t for me so got a job instead. I met my wife some years later whilst stuck in a rut. Since then life has brought me much happiness and, for a while, a good job within pharmacy. After 8 years that job turned sour and I gave it up to try something completely different and that led me to setting up BOTB.

My Larp life.

My first experience with roleplay was the Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone’s “Fighting Fantasy” books. I can’t remember when I started reading these but it was probably about 7. I always had a great fascination with history, especially the Egyptian, Celtic and Scandinavian cultures devouring all information about them. Fantasy was something that I thought only existed in films and books. It wasn’t until I hit my teens that I was introduced to warhammer. I found a great love for painting the miniatures but was never overly interested in actually playing the games. When I was about 16-17 years old I was persuaded (fairly easily) to try the local LARP system, Aberddu Adventures, by my then girlfriend. After that it was a slippery slope, trying various forms of roleplaying games from D&D to the Star trek CCG. My first introduction to fest level LARP was at curious pastimes renewal system to which I played from around 12 years. I have now started playing Profound Decisions “Empire” to which I am very pleased with.

The begnining of blood on the blade.

I first started making “kit” for myself when I started in Aberddu LARP back when I was 16. This was fairly simple things that we all start with, a leather jerkin with a few extra bits sewn (or glued) onto it and a basic leather pouch (that survived maybe a year). Not long after that I started working on weapons to save myself a little cash and ensure that I could continue going to other games. I found that I had a reasonable talent for creating them and it gave me a release for my artistic nature. Over the years the ideas got bigger and grander and eventually I started selling to friends, working on repairs etc. As the years went by I started working with my girlfriend (now wife) to create new costumes for ourselves and a small arsenal of weaponary for any occasion. After several years of playing a beastman in CP’s renewal we decided it was time to change group and joined a “riders of rhohan” inspired group. This meant a completely new style of costume and brought me to leather work. I fell deeply into this and found that I really enjoyed working with leather, since my first armour things have improved vastly as I’m sure many would agree. After leaving work within the pharmacy I had a few people enquire about weapons and armour for themselves. I thought it’d be a good stop gap between finding a new job. I wouldn’t have thought it would become the best and most enjoyable job I’ve ever had. I just hope that the future will bring more!

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