This video comes from LARPFORGE and is a really fun and practical guide to building a LARP Safe hammer.

I’ve recently turned into a bit of a LARPFORGE fan. If you haven’t encountered this web series it is basically a series of videos containing tutorials, DIY, and discussions about LARP. The style is incredibly honest and it feels as if you are following the guys as  explore the practicalities to larp. Not only do you learn but you are feeling as if you learning with the team. The effect feels very inclusive and is highly inspirational. I tend to write and ref events rather than make equipment and props but these videos are really getting me fired up about making things

I’ve given you the link to their tumblr page at the top, but of course you will want the YouTube Channel so here it is:

I’ll be back there again – and I recommend you take a look. Its all good material



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