It is Summer and as I write this the weather is hot. For LARPers playing in the hot weather can bring as many problem (or possibly) even more problems than playing in the cold. So what can we do to make Summer conditions as pleasant as possible?

I hope these tips help. If you feel I’ve missed something or have a really good technique for LARPing when it is hot and sunny please let me know.

1 – Adjust Your Costume

Where possible keep your costume loose, light and in layers.¬† If possible add a wide brimmed hat. I know this is not always possible – some costumes cannot be adjusted and if you are in armour then I know you are in for a hot time – don’t worry though some the later tips¬† will help ironclads.

2 – Hydrate

Cannot emphasise this one highly enough. Drink plenty of water as this will help stave of dehydration and its ever so nasty symptoms. Also be prepared to be dehydrated – bring some rehydration salts that are normally sold to help people illnesses such as diarrhoea with you. After (or during) a hard day this can prevent you from getting ill. However these are not replacement for the prevention that is hydration.

Also don’t forget to eat. This is also important.

3 – Plan Your Movements

In the hottest part of the day try and keep to the shade. If possible also reduce moving around. If you know that you have to travel across a large site with a lot of kit see if you can share the load of carrying equipment so that those encumbered by heavy costume and armour do less. Avoid hills and if there is natural water aim to be near it.

4 – Use Coolers

For this I don’t mean chilled boxes filled with ice and beer (though this always nice). Try some of these.

  • Use bandanna’s, towels, or sheets soaked in hot water to cool you down.
  • Keep bowls or barrels of cold water on hand. Putting your hands or feet into cold water has a wonderful cooling effect.
  • Freeze water bottles and use these to ‘cold water bottles’ to keep you cool in quiet periods.

5 – Avoid the Sun

Sunburn and sun stroke are really bad news. Always use sun screen and always use the shade.

6 – Listen To Your Body

You will know if exertion in the heat is too much for you. You will now if you are getting too sweaty. Listen to your body and respond to it. LARP is only a game and if you need to take some time out to eat, drink, cool down and wash the sweat off then do it. A short break will help to keep on going.



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