I’ve been fascinated by Nordic Larp since I first heard of the concept and as a result a number of Nordic styled games have been highlighted in LARPbook.

I’ve also always felt that we needed more information on Nordic Larp resources. The best way to understand this way of playing is to participate and learn. Second best perhaps is to go somewhere that enables you to learn a lot.

That is where http://nordiclarp.org/ comes in

Now we’ve linked to Nordiclarp.org before – primarily as a download resource but I’ve felt that this did not do the site justice. So it is time for a closer look.

Essentially nordiclarp.org is a blog dedicated to (you guessed it ) , Nordic LARP. It contains a good range of articles and also an effective events calendar. Stylistically the site is simple to look at – I’d say clean and chic. The unkind might say Ikea. The result though is that the pages are easy to read. For a blog I think that is praise. If a blog is hard to read then that is a problem.

In addition to the more traditional aspects – such as articles and events you’ll find access to Nordic Larp talks (and some fine video presentations) , a forum (sadly not as well populated or used as the rest of the site) and a wiki. I shouldn’t say and a wiki as the wiki has a fair amount of information in it, and like all wiki is always looking to expand, edit and become a good source of information.

Nordiclarp.org has been around since 2012 and seems to be running with the ambition to be the place to go if you want to understand what is going on in the Nordic LARP scene. I think it succeeds and does so in style.

It is undoubtedly worth a visit.



Please note that the Nordic LARP logo used above is only used as fair use – to help you find nordiclarp.org. It does not constitute any endorsement of larpbook from nordiclarp.org.

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