I’d like you to take a look at LARPCore – http://larpcore.com/

The aim of LARPCore is to make it easier for players and groups of LARP in all of its various forms to find each other. The site is also aiming to be international in its outlook. It is seeking information from groups in all countries and has a EU style cookie policy (despite being based in the U.S.)

Looking at the site it is aiming to be highly location – meaning that searching near where you is going to as easy as searching for a group in another country. This is a great thing. I love the idea of people visiting LARPs all over the world.

What it needs to work is information about gaming groups. So if you run a LARP – go there and register. If you don’t but know someone who does – tell them about it.

One thing I’d better add is that the site is currently very much in BETA form. It is rough around the edges – but I know the organisers are working hard to correct this. So bear with these – and lets see what happens.

I’ll do a full review in a few months to see how things have progressed

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