I’d like you to take a look at http://www.larping.org/ It is a US based web site with the aim of connecting disparate LARPing groups. It is an excellent idea. There are few centralised places where LARPers can share ideas and experiences. Most  LARP group seem to have excellent communication within their own community. What about communication between communities though? What about connecting all LARPers? That is the problem that larping.org aims to solve.

To accomplish this the author of larping.org has put together some talented writers, created indexes of LARP Groups and LARP Shops… In other words done a very good job of creating a useful information source for LARPers.

I find the articles to be a useful mix, covering diverse topics such as detailed recounts of games – the recent Once Upon a Time in Tombstone is great, plus thoughts on game mechanics and considerations on how to go about things. This makes it not only useful for first time LARPers but for older players a chance to get an insight on how someone else goes about things – which can be a great source of new ideas / inspiration.

From this you might be thinking that Larping.org and LARPBook are covering similar material. That is absolutely true. We both have very similar aims. In fact myself and lapring.orgs creator have exchanged emails on this. We both feel that we have close aims and objectives.I see both sites as  being complementary, and I would certainly recommend you take a look at larping.org. LARP is big and diverse and we need to show people just how wide and wonderful it is. That is probably too much for one site. Far better for a range of web sites to exist that help people find the material that is good for them.

So take a look at  http://www.larping.org/ – I’m sure you will find something useful there.

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