This is a review of A” Fistful of Pesos” that ran on 26th October and 27th October 2012, from time in till the end the players were kept in game, but lets start with the pickup.

The players assembled in a local pub. Local in this context meant a 40minute drive from the site.  This would be the closest easy assembly point – the Dolgoch site used for a Fistful of Pesos is about as remote as it is possible in Wales to still be accessible by car. This meant we all had a chance for a little socialisation but more importantly we had a drive in the dark to an unknown site and for me builds anticipation and offers a last minute chance to reflect on my character. I liked it.

Getting on site meant getting into costume – still without seeing what would be the most important part of our cowboy home and having a quick briefing.

Then we were in game.

We were thrust into a Western bar full of rotgut drinks, a roaring log fire, and colourful characters a plenty. The game was on. The night built up with food, drinks, tall tales, introductions and cards. It was with the cards where the action kicked off – poker cheats were not treated well in the old west. There was a sudden murder that signaled the start of events that would be the players downfall.

That is all the plot I’m going to tell you. Occasionally Fear of the Dark rerun successful games and I am not in the habit of giving away big spoilers.

You might have guessed by now that the start of the game was all about atmosphere. This is a Fear of the Dark trademark and it was very much in evidence here. Good costumes, good acting, authentic looking cooking, and enough set decoration all contributed to help a continued suspension of disbelief.

I’m delighted to say that crew, old hands and new players alike all worked hard to create the feeling of being in an isolated place in 1838. The pre-game briefings and PBM had done their magic – everyone knew who they were. Greatly aided by the fact that Fear Of  The Dark  use a nearly rule free system greatly aids in this. There are no rules to get in the way. It is all in the role playing.

I need to quickly the mention the location, Whilst being clean and comfortable it had only the most basic of amenities.  Nobody objected. That’s because we had all received detailed notification regarding what was and was not available on the site. Forewarned negates the sudden surprise of finding yourself in  a location with no electricity.

Finally I need to mention fear. This was a horror scenario – so did I feel scared? There were times when my character was doing things that were patently wrong that made me uncomfortable and few sharp shocks that had me jumping and running with sudden bursts of fear. The game did its job,

    • So was this a good game – absolutely yes.
    • Will I be back for more Fear of the Dark games – in a heartbeat
    • Do I want “For a few Pesos More”?  without a doubt.

Disclaimer – I’m a long term member of Fear of the Dark -since its earliest days, I have tried to write as impartially as a possible…

cosy in the Rancho

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