I know a good many larpers will be concerned with this headline – mostly due to the poor quality of coverage LARP has received in the UK media over the years. However this message seems to be going around and in context makes sense. The hope has to be that the resulting coverage will be sympathetic. Here’s the message.

Hi there
My name’s Liza and I work for a BBC Three show called Russell Howard’s Good News. We’re looking for people to take part in a new feature on the show called Headliners where two people with interesting hobbies or occupations pitch to Russell why they should be on the front page of his newspaper. It’s quite a short segment and normally takes the form of a chat with Russell, although sometimes if you’re able to bring any props he will get involved!
I’m looking for a LARP-er who may be interested in taking part and was wondering if you may want to take part or if you know anyone who may be interested.

Many Thanks
Liza Chambers
Russell Howard’s Good News Series 7
0207 598 7342
To help you check things out here’s a link to Russell Howard’s Good News: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00phwkz
Also Liza Chambers comes from Avalon Entertainment – here’s a link to their web page: http://avalonuk.com/
Lets hope LARP gets the treatment and publicity it deserves from this.


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