Why Support LARPBook

LARPBook exists to support the larp community on an International level. As you can imagine doing so is not without its costs. If you could support us by becoming a patron, donating some money or purchasing some of our merchandise we would be incredibly grateful.

Here are some ways in which you can help us out

Thank you


Our Ko-Fi page contains updates regarding what is going on with LARPBook and also allows you to make a small donation

There’s no commitment and we don’t keep details. Just click on support and buy us a cup of coffee

We’ll put it to good use by supporting larp


If you’d rather get something tangible

Then enjoy the merchandise in our Facebook Store


If you’d like to make a one off donation to us then PayPal is ideal. We have a page setup just for this purpose.

If you’d like to help us:

The make a safe payment via PayPal

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