There is a well known saying that goes something along the lines that no matter where you go – you cannot run away from yourself. Buckaroo Banzai said it beautifully in the line “remember, no matter where you go, there you are.”

In essence it doesn’t matter how you try to get away from yourself or what you do – the one constant in your life is your own personality.

So how does that affect LARPers? After all it is our hobby to be different people.

I have a theory – backed up by purely anecdotal evidence that most Larpers are like Hollywood stars. That means we wear different clothes, different accents and different lines but we play characters  with a style that clearly denotes who is playing it. Just like Sean Connerys’ famous Scottish – Russian accent in the Hunt for Red October. We draw on ourselves and to an extent play ourselves. Only we do it in circumstances that are very different to our everyday lives.

That means that key personality traits. Things that we may now ordinarily reveal in mundane acts or conversation can slip out. In this way our role-friends can really get to know us. Perhaps better than people we spend far more time with. After all we all make friends in LARP and these friendships can last for years (decades in my case). Is this because we all let your guards down as bits of who we really are leak out during play.

Or does it contribute to the ability of LARP to be soothing, therapeutic  and stress removing?

I don’t really have an absolute answer here, but I do think there is a link between larps ability to let us be other people while taking our masks off and why people come back to it time and time again.

Which means larp tells us and others about ourselves

I’d love to know what you think.

If I’m right then forget taking personality quizzes in magazines and on Facebook.  LARP has all your answers.

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