If you’re a regular reader of LARPBook then you will now that I frequently republish articles from Ivan Zalacs rather awesome blog Diary of a Croatian Larper. Ivan publishes good quality articles that not only give insights into Larp but also into the Larp scene in Europe. To someone like myself looking worldwide for inspiration and alternative ways to think about Larp this has been a fantastic resource.

Ivan is now looking for funding for his blog via the patreon website. Patreon takes the old idea of the arts patron and gives it a 21st Century Crowd Funding Twist. Instead of one rich patron funding an artist, Patreon lets the crowd- all making small donations do the job of one. It is a very cool idea.

Ivans aim is to raise funding to let him travel to and cover an increased number of Larps. There is an ultimate goal of travelling to Larps around the world so that he can explore and write about the many Larping cultures that are out there.

It’s a great ambition.

I’d like to wish Ivan luck.

I also wish that you will become a patron of Ivans. Please visit: http://www.patreon.com/izalac

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