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This archive contains the show notes, links and streaming options for all LARPBook Show episodes

Note the LARPBook show was previously referred to as the LARPBook Podcast as it has it origins as a podcast.

Over time we have evolved it into a live video show hosted by a panel of up to four.

For those who prefer the audio podcast format there is still a downloadable audio version of every show..


LARPBook Show Episode 60: Tea Spitting Good

Episode 60 combines a fantastic guest who is very active in UK larp. In addition we have a serious discussion on the ways of dealing with poor or abusive behaviour in a larp context. A call for Knutepunkt and a shout out of a U.S. larp. It’s a packed episode.

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Christmas LARPBook Travel Mug Competition Results

Well the competition has passed and the results collated. The actual prize draw took place on the 19th December 2017 at just after 7.30 PM GMT. Of course we made a show out of it. First though our lucky winners are Seth Rowan Larimer Roby Roby Pero Rhian Jones Ambrose...

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LARPBook Show Episode 58: Viva

LARPBook Show 58 is allow plugs (the hosts seems to get into a who can plug the most war). More seriously there is great interaction from the chat and topics discussed include Downtime, Stag do Larps, Twilight Realms larp and Stuart shows off our new phone case.

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LARPBook Show Episode 57: Feed the Baby to the Demon, What?

It’s show 57 and we talk about out UK bank holiday experiences. Thom talks extensively about what happens when the plot forces players to change how they play their characters. Stuart and I love Curious Pastimes. We also start a new project to understand downtime

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LARPBook Show Episode 56: The Flem Paradox

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jwORvdHCDc A couple of things to note here - first of all we have a new audio streamer that will allow you to play not just this podcast but others as well. Enjoy the back catalogue! The Flem Paradox is not about weird things in...

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LARPBook Show Episode 54: Wax Lyrical

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5FR5rCyLgc   This episode we did a little shift in format and returned to our four presenters talking to each other. As a result this very nearly became our gibberish episode. We'd planned a considered discussion on the perils of...

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LARPBook Show Episode 53: The Orchestra Plays On

We Interview members of the Italian – Chaos League Larp about Crescendo Giocoso, the New Atlantis larp and of course a whole lot more. This constitutes the largest number of people to date in the LARPBook Cyber Interview Space

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