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This archive contains the show notes, links and streaming options for all LARPBook Show episodes

Note the LARPBook show was previously referred to as the LARPBook Podcast as it has it origins as a podcast.

Over time we have evolved it into a live video show hosted by a panel of up to four.

For those who prefer the audio podcast format there is still a downloadable audio version of every show..


In addition to this archive we have larpbookmedia.com. Which is a categorised catalogue of our entire audio and video output. If you are interested in exploring the show and specials you may wish to visit here.

LARPBook Show Episode 63: Ambrose……Mmmmm

The team chats about their recent visit to Twilight Realms larp. Including the exceptional talents of one of the players – Ambrose. Rob has a rant about music and we discuss issues surrounding reality bleeding into games

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Whats Your Game – Interview with Enys Coggles

Green Cloaks has burst onto the UK larp scene and expanded incredibly quickly. It's rise has been swift so you may be wondering what it is. If so then look no further as we had a chance to talk to Enys Coggles the larps creator at the What's Your Game kit fair. Also...

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