LARP Events

Event: The World Went Dark

Event Name: The World Went Dark Event Description: Event Two For The World Went Dark With Cold Ash in ruins, its inhabitants, dead or scattered thanks to slavers, rats and then the left hand throwing themselves at the town, it is time for the survivors to look to a...

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Event: A Red Harvest

An Event By Altered Reality LARP Event Name: A Red Harvest Event Description: The events represent an annual gathering of the various survivors in order to trade resources, exchange news, celebrate life or mourn those who died. Of course, there will be some who seek...

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LARP Event: The Lost Expedition

Date: May 30th to May 31st Location: Dalehead Bunkhouse, Peak District Genre: Horror (HP Lovecraft Inspired) Cost: Players with accommodation: £70 Players with no accomodation: £50 Crew £20 by agreement with organiser The game runs from 12pm on Saturday for a maximum...

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Results of the UK LARP Awards 2015

Here is the complete list of runners up and winners from the 2015 UK LARP Awards. Small Larp Red Letter Day (Runner Up) Vault 57 (Winner) Medium Larp Projekt: Ragnarok (Runner Up) Mythlore: New Lands (Winner) Large Larp Curious Pastimes (Runner Up) The Lorien Trust...

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2 Larp Events From Twilight Realms

True to their new form Twilight Realms are running 2 events back to back on the 20th and 21st of March 2015. The first is a stand alone modern horror larp and then on the Saturday we get the next instalment of the emerging low fantasy Twilight Realms medieval styled...

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