This year I’m building a new character for a LARP event and for once I’m doing it the right way. The right way is to think about the character in advance – giving me plenty of time to think about how to play and how to dress. Of course this luxury isn’t always possible. Like a good many LARPers I’ve attended games at the last minute or faced the problem of – new character needed –  you have an hour to come up with something.

So the luxury of time is a nice one.

The event I’m thinking about for this new persona is Mythlore New Lands. The game setting is middle-eastern fantasy. Not a genre I’ve played in before and so this means a whole new costume.

My starting point was the game organisers, who kept prompting me to come up with a character. They were incredibly helpful – and with assistance I created a background and skill set for the character. I won’t say what these are – I want other players to discover this character via role-play and not on the pages of LARPBook.

Now that I have the character I need a costume.

That had me trawling the Internet for pictures. Google image search has been useful. Pinterest has been a goldmine. I eventually decided that the character of Sinbad would be a great source of inspiration.

Sinbad has been portrayed on screen many times – so there is no shortage of costume references to look at. I also noticed that all the costumes seemed to eminently practical. That suits my new character.  I see him as being a practical man. There are also examples of dress in both the basic garb of a sailor and as  a prince. These ranges are useful – my new character will be needing some bling as well workaday wear.

Now that I have examples I start searching for sources of these garments, and accessories. Hopefully over the coming months I’ll be able to post some pictures here so you can see him being built from the ground up


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