The Interview

It was great to meet up with Steinnarr as we’ve been passing messages for a little while. He has a small larp in Canada that is moving from test plays to full events this year and I was fascinated by the sound of it. If that sounds like a bit of a tease – well it is. However, this link will explain more as it takes you to a full profile that explains Schism Larp.


During the course of the interview talks about the development period and also the structure of the game itself. So we learned a lot about how characters gain faction allegiances and also what the factions mean.

This was good as the game was billed as merging fantasy, SF and horror and it certainly looks like it does that. 


It also piqued something in Luke. Recently we’ve been chatting about larps that don’t hand victories out to players but where loss and consequences are a vital part of the story. From the sounds of it, Schism is in that category. It’s wartime conditions and you need to do what you need to do to survive.


Winter Larping

We also ended up talking about the differences in Winter Larping between Canada. In particular Ontario and the UK. It boiled down you can frostbite and loose bits of your body in Ontario. In the UK a stiff drink helps warm you up.


Steaming Again

We had a few technical hiccups going into this interview. It represents our return to steaming with a new setup. The lack of experience in the new gear shows in this Interview and I’d like to thank Steinnarr for being so patient. We’ve asked if he’ll come back. That’s due to a genuine interest in this game. Also I’d like the chance to do a better job of the video recording.

Also to the viewer. Apologies for issues at the start of this video. However, it is worth it for the content that follows.


Find Out More

If you’d like to find out more about Schism larp there is a Facebook group. The address is:




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