In Episode 67

In this show Stuart and Luke (who typically supports Stuart by having technical issues) speak to Evan from the “Game Theatre Team”.

Topics of Discussion

  • We talk to Evan from the Game Theatre team
  • We talk about BOB and the perils of running an event
  • We also let you know where we are going to be soon
  • Colony Wars

Evan Speaking to us from the USA) re: The Game Theatre and his own events:

Evan who was sporting his traditional roleplay head band bandanna and en-suite red hunky shirt wanted to talk about Dragon Thrones LARP (Not to be confused with the wrestling!!) and Stuart started with the compliment that Evans company amalgamate three types of LARP . Evan went on to say that he sees what they do as like three circles, the first he stated that there is the traditional Nordic type LARP rule light etc, in the second he says Mega Gaming (interactive) and the third is Game Theatre, improv’. He thinks that the mix of the three brings something new and as a result there is more inclusion. He quoted Derek Anderson who wrote about what Dragon Thrones do.

Stuart also stated that he was fascinated that the Game Theatre also include table top in on their events too which really sounded interesting.

Evan went on to say that they establish real external and character relationships to ensure inclusion and this really works and motivates them. The game then is run in real time with support in many ways to ensure the personal story and the main game becomes immersive in many ways and levels.

Unfortunately Stuarts Geography gotten all messed up as initially when he read Bryn Mawr he thought it was a lot more local than it was….but we set him straight on that!! Evans Bryn Mawr Castle is in the beautiful suburbs of Philadelphia.

Other Games

Evan also runs other games as well as Dragon Thrones and went on to say about Off Broadway Interactive shows for new players which have been very successful. One he mentioned was “aces and operatives” a 007 style event. At this stage he also mentions “Bothwell School of Witchcraft” and his director Christopher Batarlis.

He then went to say about “ Midnight Millions” based on the “Brewster’s Millions” film which is party LARP. Here you are interacting with actors and is a murder mystery type LARP.

Evan also do one offs and all are available on their website And talked about:

Evan stated that if anyone has an idea or want to run an event he is ready to go! And he will provide a first class immersive LARP. Contact Game Theatre NOW!!. Evan then quoted Everything Epic:

Evans plans for the next six months:

First player go convention inspired by 80’s arcade games in December 2018:

Cursed castle in January 2019

With summer events in 2019 tbc.

Evan also talks about Primera Air (his favourite airline….NOT)

and he also gave more websites:

Stuart and Luke then discuss the Brotherhood of the Black at Llancaiach Fawr:

Both discussed that for the first event it went very well reaching out to the local area and introducing LARPing, medieval enactment and cosplay are all together.

Luke then discussed Bell End and the new flag it flys:

The crimson moon pub:

Luke and Stuart really enjoyed the event and are looking forward to next year.

Where we (LARPbook team) are going to be in the next few months:
August event “Renewal”.

The team will publish all events they are attending as there are so many!!

End Show

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