Twilight Realms

This is very much a Twilight Realms show. On the preceding weekend Stuart, Thom and Rob went to the Twilight Realms event Shard. We were Videographer, Player and Crew, respectively. The first part of this show covers our experience of this event. If you’d like to know more we also have an article that covers that game in some detail.

Thanks were given out to Kelly – who not only provided sumptuous catering but also the Saris used by the Harem. Expect to learn more about her in a future post.

Reality Bleed Through

We then went into the subject of modern day morales bleeding into a game. We had the feeling that perhaps we often see modern ideas of fair play and ways of addressing people in larp (particularly Fantasy or Historical), that don’t make sense in the context of the setting. As a group we really feel it does happen. The good news is that the chat room confirmed that they try and avoid this in their games. We also had the feeling that there is some inevitability in that during larp we rarely truly leave who we are behind.

The revelation from Rob that he is offended by not being offended by modern music came in the form of a rant.


Brotherhood of the Black

Pirate Festival 10/08/2018 to 12/08/2018 –
At Llanciach Fawr 16th Century Manor – There is camping but MUST CONTACT FIRST.

Balrog Gaming – Deliverance

23rd – 27th of August, at Barnswood Scout Camp. £100 to play or monster. Bunks and Camping

Arcardia Larp

24th – 27th of August at Caddihoe Scout Camp – Devon



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