We’ve run interviews before. This one with Jackalope Studios Matthew Webb and Steve Metze was a little different in that it was setup as a response to an AMA. Jackalope already had setup an AMA event, but unfortunately due to the difference in timezone. That meant that the LARPBook team couldn’t attend. From that it also follows that we probably weren’t the only people on this side of the pond who missed it.

So asked and wonderfully they said yes to doing one with us.

It turned out to have been a great idea. We got a chance to talk about larp meta techniques, the Sabbat, Vampire, White Wolf and what was planned for A Night in Question.

Of course since our guests were Texan it would have been rude not to talk about guns…

It wasn’t all plain sailing. Luke gave the Texans a true feeling of Britishness. That is he truly reminded them that they are a bunch of raggedy colonials. Please never ever vote in Luke as Prime Minister!

That’s enough preamble. Enjoy our Vampire Interview.

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