In Episidoe 58

In this episode we have a long list of topics, To start with we wanted to place our thoughts with the people of Las Vegas. led this necessarily sombre opening for the show.

Topics of Discussion

  • PBM / Downtime
  • Stag Do – What happens when non larpers want to have a larp for stag party
  • Twilight Realms – event report from Tom
  • Increase in Followers for Podcast
  • Update to our show notes archive
  • Update to our Live Page
  • New Phone Case
  • Heathen LARP – Crewing.

Thank you the Matthews – In this episode Matthew Webb and Matthew Moorhouse were very active in our chat room and became a key part of the show. Thank you both very much, you were awesome.

We wanted to have a discussion about how people run downtime / PBM. It turns out that the larpbook team like playing between games but that all bar Tom have a dislike for email. This want long enough for Stuarts new toy (a cry of “I’m bored”) to come into play. I suspect that we haven’t seen the end of this discussion yet

The Stag discussed a special event where larp was requested as the entertainment for some non larpers. We discussed this on show and there is a longer article here.

Tom had recently come back from “White Gate”. The latest larp from Twilight Realms set in its mythic world of Tempress. It sounds like it was a tough game and that the campaign ante is upping..

Some good news was that we’ve had a an upswing in podcast subscriptions. Thank all of you very much for that

We also announced that the Show Notes Archive and Live Page have been spruced up. The Show Notes Archive is now all LARPBook shows – including the original pocast. Whilst the Live Page is now a direct link to Facebook from which we are launching all live shows from this point on.

We also plugged the new Phone Case we’ve designed for the iPhone 8 plus. Actually its available across the Apple Range.

Finally a quite note that Rob has signed up to crew for Heathen Larp next Summer so you can expect a full report from there.

Of course this wasn’t the only plug in this episode. There were lots of them, and at times it seemed as if we were all in competition to see who could get the most plugs in. I almost renamed this episode – “This Week in Plugs”. You’ll have to listen to the whole show to catch them all! (yes I know shameless!).

As mentioned at the top of show Matthew and Matthew (each actually thousands of miles from the other) were awesome. Perhaps my favourite comment from this dynamic due was “Post Mortem Motively Gifted”, when looking for words to describe the undead.


Coming up between Ocotber 2oth and 22nd is the Curious Pastimes Teutonia Faction Event and Banquet.

Also in October between the 28th and 29th is the Brancepeth Castle Ren-enactment and Larp Market.



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