On Tuesday 7th of March we ran episode 51 of the LARPBook show. We were joined by Martin from Larpforge as our special guest.  We’d like to thank Martin very much for being a part of this episdoe

 If you’d like to download or stream the audio for this show please click here.

This episode can be summed up into

  1. Talking to Martin about Larpforge, Horns, European Larp, The differences between British & Danish larpers and curry.
  2. Interacting with a very active audience, who were commenting on live show
  3. Luke desperately trying to get his microphone to work
  4. Learning how to prounounce Knutepunkt
  5. Luke still desperately trying to his microphone to work
  6. Danelaw (this always happens when a Dane comes on)
  7. Insulting cities, regions and countries (it all started with Copenhagen)
  8. Luke seeking out a laptop.
  9. Running through the larp awards
  10. Luke silently screaming obscenities at his computers
  11. A mention for Conscience larp.

The UK 2017 Larp Awards

We ran through the winners of the 2017 UK Larp awards in full. This year saw a few new faces winning awards. This is great as it makes the awards themselves feel a lot more dynamic and meaningful. We had previously published the full list of award winners and you can find it here.

Conscience Larp

Conscience is a larp inspired by tv-series Westworld, about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the moral implications of those innovations for all involved

Date: January 27th to 30th 2018.

Sign up will open on the 15th March 2017 at 21 CET and will close on the 31st of March 2017.

Learn more at: http://conscience.notonlylarp.com/

I think that we all agreed that a high status larp that –

  • Is a Western
  • Has the sensibilities of WestWorld
  • Contains moral dilemmas to over come

– Sounds good

Where to find Larpforge

Of course we need you to be able to find Larpforge. Here are the links






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