On March 4th the UK LARP Awards were held. These are very much becoming very much an established part of the UK Larp scene and it looks as if they have already been booked for next year.

So here are the results

Player Run/Sanctioned Event

  • Do Not Go Gently – Slayers Lrp (Winner)


Club System of the Year

  • UNION at Nottingham Uni (Winner)


Player of the Year

  • Rosie Woolley (Winner)


Bard of the Year

  • Dred Roberts (Winner)


Small Larp of the Year

  • Hades (Winner)


Medium Larp of the Year

  • Future’s End (Winner)


Large Larp of the Year

  • Curious Pastimes (Winner)


Family event of the Year

  • Empire (Winner)


Grassroots system of the Year

  • Future’s End (Winner)


New Larp of the Year

  • Before the End (Winner)


Larp Producer – Foam/Latex

  • Saxon Violence (Winner)


Larp Producer – Leather

  • Darkblade (Winner)


Larp Producer – Costume

  • Craeftigan (Winner)


Larp Caterer of the Year

  • Warden’s Catering (Eid II) (Winner)


Creature Costume of the Year

  • Verdigris Mind-Forged Manacles – Clockwork Firebird Designs (Winner)


On-line Retailer of the Year

  • Larp Inn (Winner)


In-field Retailer of the Year

  • Das Shoppe (Winner)


NPC of the Year

  • Tin King – Strategy (Winner)


Event Crew Member of the Year

  • Charlotte Pirie (Winner)


Mainstream Event

  • Knightmare Live – Touring Production (Winner)


Unsung Hero – Andrew Jackson

Lifetime Achievement – Ian Andrews

Overall Best Larp of the Year – Curious Pastimes

Poker Player – Mark Annable

Combat Tournament – Neil Prior

LARPBook will like to extend hearty congratulations to all winners


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